Self Brand China Electric Car

Cute front design For EV Car

Huazi auto Relying on a strong micro car R&D and design team

This Mini electric Car’s front middle net adopts a closed upper grille, which is integrated with the headlamp set. The EV Car overall shape presents a "smiling face" visual effect, adding fashion and loveliness

Crystal projection headlight EV Car

This Huazi auto electric car with Bright and sharp crystal projection headlights with clear edges and corners, lovely and fashionable

Effectively improve driving safety
Large lighting range, low energy consumption

Flexible lines on Rear designs of EV Car

The electric car’s tail design with flexible lines makes the car body more fashionable.

The fashionable shell type combined tail lamp looks cute and attractive
The electric car's high mounted brake light is full of science and technology and fashion while demonstrating the sporty style, which makes driving at night more visible and improves driving safety.

Two color body collocation 4 Seats EV Car

The huazi auto mini Electric Car with double color matching of the vehicle body makes the vehicle full of spirit and vitality

Various color combinations of the car body fully meet the customer's various choice needs
Small and exquisite body structure design, beautiful appearance is enough to attract people's attention to Such a EV Car

Recessed door handle on EV Car

The huazi auto electric car with recessed door handle is beautiful and convenient, bringing

you enjoy more fashion on a electric car.

Four way adjustment of driver's/passenger's seat EV Car

The Huazi auto Mini Electric Car Seats Four way adjustment function is provided, which can manually adjust the overall front and rear sliding and backrest front and rear tilt

The electric car four-way adjustment helps the driver and passenger find a more appropriate angle to make the driver's sitting posture more comfortable in Car.