Kawei Pickup Truck Of Mitsubishi Gasoline Engine

Pickup truck or pick-up truck, a light truck with an open-top rear cargo area.

Pickup,developed from the lorry light truck to the pick-up truck, SUV car,weather the inner decration,or the performance,egine power.

Pickup truck Often appeares in the American movies,who matching the drivers like the smart farmers,or the unyielding men.So in our concept,a pick-up truck has the features of the SUV car and Lorry Trucks.Every pick-up truck with every stories,full of rough temperature.

Pickup must be-Large Cargo,Run Fast

First domestric pickup truck with the application of off-road vehicle chassis,breaking ultimate bearing limits,which is 1.5 times as the normal pick-up truck.With an increase of 600L volume in the cargo,Kawei pick-up truck is China's first wide body full size pickup in the market with the longest and largest cargo.

Pickup must be-Luxury and Fashionalbe

Our stem from the foreign pure blood,kawei pickup truck is simple and luxury.Fashionalbe and colorful.It also has diversifiled interior selection to meet customer"custom-designed"requirements.The pick-up truck gorgeous driving experience is unprecedented in the current domestic market.

Pickup Must Be-Comfortable and Safe

Adopting SUV body structure,integrated with Mitsubishi chassis technology,the pick-up truck is strong,safe and reliable.Equipped with automatic air condistioner,double cabin inner space,leather seats,MP3 and DVD,it offers a pure sense of safe and comfortable driving experience.

Pickup Must Be-Custom Designed

Based on "Integrated Auto Body Solution"super platform,Kawei pickup truck offers a personalized solution to customers of different needs.Kawei pickup truck has join cooperation with a world-famous racking system company,which offers products of high quality and free combination,providing customers with "custom-designed"smart solutions.

Pick-up truck is widely used in various of both industries and family usages,omnipotent.So as a pickup truck manufacture,designing and producing the good quality pick-up truck is our mission.Creation a new concept pick-up truck,leading the new pickup culture.