Chinese Pure Electric Pickup Auto

  1. Pickup Truck, Pickup electric, one of the light truck,a mix design of car and trucks with 5 seats cabine;
  2. This is a self brand Electric Pickup,With the lithium pickup battery,longer distance,famous brand battery
  3. A pickup,must be large cargo;
  4. A Pickup,must be run fast;
  5. A pickup,must be comfortable;
  6. A pickup,must be full of wild Strong Elements.
  7. Pickup battery,the core for an pickup electric,proven tested;Pickup battery,famous technology brand;Pickup Battery,With up to 4 years and 100,000km guarantee;
  8. This Pickup, is high of high clearance,durable battery,fashion front Grills and Led Headlights.
  9. We are the mainly top manufacture for the electric pickup vehicles,With Durable Electric pickup Battery,Strong Wheel Drives.Check for two models electric pickup EV7 and EV7-1