Warranty and Guaranty

We pride ourselves in our product quality with strict quality control checks in place. 

The car had been tested front ,side impact and low temperature, meet Nation Standard and over standard making level.

Proven Technology,Durable National Brand,Famous Electrics System.

Motors Warranty Period is  with 3 years and 80,000km;Car Warranty Period is with 1 year or 10,00km;

Both on whichever comes first items from date of B/L;

Wearing Parts and consumable parts are not covered by warranty.The seller shall provide free spare parts ontology,and shall not account for any charges except for the packing cost.

The Seller shall not be liable for the problems due to the Buyer's improper operation improper maintenance or unauthorized modification.

The commodities shall comply with the terms set out in this contract and the technical
standard of the manufacturer.

If the Buyer fails to make payments on time, inspect on time,clear customs in time or otherwise violates this contract, the Seller has the right to terminate this contract unilaterally,dispose the commodities and deduct all the advance payment(and guaranty bond)in addition to claiming damages from the Buyer.

If the Seller fails to deliver on time or otherwise violates this contract, the Buyer has the right to terminate this contract unilaterally in addition to claiming damages from the Seller.

The responsibility of compensation of both Parties is limited to direct damages

Buy with confidence and enjoy a great shopping experience!